Deadline Day: Where Jack should go | Daniel Sturridge, a dream to far? | Worrying bid from rival

Deadline Day: Where Jack should go | Daniel Sturridge, a dream to far? | Worrying bid from rival

3,949 thoughts on “Deadline Day: Where Jack should go | Daniel Sturridge, a dream to far? | Worrying bid from rival

  1. i am 54 & was in a reaitlonship with a 23 year ancient, but he didn’t take it serious & ruined the relationship due to his lies & unsure what he sought after. just don’t get in with older woman that wants to buy you, then it goes nowhere. you both have to be your own personnel.

  2. Hey everyone:Check out today’s front page story on Jim Dinning in the National Post. This guy has no clue where he wants to lead this province. His comments on health care would be laughable, if the issue was not so serious to Albertans.

  3. Puo’ essere una bufala oppure no, certo che e’ facile dire che sia una bufala senza aver prima verificato. Trattandosi di animali e’ piu’ facile chiudere un occhio considerando il fatto una bufala. Fortunatamente ci sono associazioni che veramente vogliono il bene degli animali, che prima di considerarla una bufala fanno di tutto per informare la gente, raccogliendo anche firme, giusto nel caso in cui non sia una bufala!!!!

  4. The dumbest ruling ever by a state Supreme Court was in Alaska, where they ruled that the polling places had to provide the proper spelling and name for Murkowsky as a write-in candidate. What a crock of sh!t! Well, at least conservatives had the wherewithall to put out the word for as many people as possible to file petititions to also have their names listed as write-in candidates. Last time I checked more than 100 people had done so. It needs to go into the thousands.Outrageous ruling by the Alaska Supreme Court. Beyond the pale. No wonder so many people hate the government and politicians.

  5. I was told by Travis Cottrell contact person that “This is the Day” would be on this CD, and I see that it is not. I have been waiting for this song since last August at the Beth Moore Simucast. Is there ANY way I can get this song???

  6. “Lovecraft is the right guy to cite to here.”That reminds me, “The Music of Erich Zann” is the one that carries the tone of utter alien incomprehensibility the best and the one that does it with the firm anthropological eye is “At the Mountains of Madness”. “Colour” is the total package though. The problem with writing incomprehensible aliens , however, is that the very act of writing them makes them comprehensible. Anything we really encounter is likely to transcend our powers of imagination.

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  8. Cannot believe they did not have someone from HR there to sit in the middle and make sure this was fair for everyone. I work in HR and find this situation unreal! Hope they get what’s coming to them!!! Best of luck in fighting this one to the end… x

  9. Komme gerade von der Montagsdemo.Volker Lösch hat Ausschnitte des Briefes vorgelesen und viel Beifall bekommen! Auch Sabine Leidig hat einen sehr fundierten Vortrag gehalten. Es dürften um die 4000 Menschen gewesen sein, die gegen den Betrug 21 demonstriert haben!Ramsauer, grube, kefer und merkel sollten sich schämen das Volk so zu belügen und betrügen! Eine Schande ist das!!

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  16. i really think the irs is getting back at us for all those years we wrote on the memo section of the checks we sent them:- for milk and cookies-for peace…not war…-this tax money shall not be used in iraq….- for the sex i had with Larry, the tax man-make tortillas…not war-for obama please take care of my mama- para el sex change de dick chaneyetc…

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  22. to them. And they walked through with cameras and video equipment? This was staged. The democrats are very good at racial profiling. But if folks looked arond they would see that democrats have done nothing for blacks at all.Staged like a police sting, and the idiots acted like the racost, bigots that they are. So it's the Dems fault that the Tea partiers responded the way they did. Hmmmm. Not too smart are they?

  23. Sep13 Não seria, nossos pensamentos reflexos da mente condicionada?O que pensamos hoje, são informações e conceitos que nos foram passados através de diversas fontes ( família, Estado,mídia, pensamentos etc).Nos ensinaram o que é certo e errado,feio e belo, adequado e inadequado, medo e coragem e assim por diante. Não seria um começo, entendermos esta condição?

  24. Enjoyed the poem, Matt. I especially loved hearing the audio recording.With your “blithe and bonny” quotes, you now have me singing “Sigh No More, Ladies” from the Branaugh production of Much Ado About Nothing. That movie introduced me to “blithe and bonny.”

  25. Well here I am over a year later just finding this tutorial but just loved all your information re sewing amd papercrafting. I have seen sewing but worried about damaging my machine. Thank you for all your time and effort to put this together for us out here in stamp and learning land. You are the BEST!!Laurie

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  29. Thanks for the helpful comments. I should probably say that I believe that satan is real, and that there is a very real spiritual realm. The major problem here is the focus on the demonic (they are always mentioning the demonic, devil, satan, possession, satanic ritual abuse, etc etc) and on glorifying someone else’s “deliverance ministry”… everything is “spiritualises” into a dualistic worldview. It’s really concerning to see happen, and it’s unhealthy.So far, trying to get them to back things up Biblically, or reasoning, hasn’t worked.

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  32. before; YOU are such a gift to this world.I am honored to know you, a single mom/student who can make such miracles happen for those who have even less. You are destined for great things my dear……truly great things.

  33. So you have fallen into shadow, have you? I feel for you, you have my sympathy. I myself have never turned to the dark side! (Despite family and friends urging me to do so, I have never given in….this is not hard as I find Facebook rather silly). Goodluck on your new social media ventures!

  34. oh, that is one scary story (sice it’s imho very close to what can happen in the future…. maybe not the flame throwers but the “you’re not allowed to keep unregistred old school seeds without logo on them”).Excellent. Now, what about those Future compilations that was taked about before… is there another one in the works? or rather, in the Future?

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  43. First off I’m grateful that you and your family are ok!  What a terrifying experience that must have been!  Secondly, I love this article!!!  It’s been my goal to move our family to this thinking for a long time.  I’m not totally there but we are working on it.  Hugs and more hugs,Janie

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